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STEAM Education
Principles | Solutions | Implementation

For Students of All Ages





Collaboration Platforms and Tools

"We learn who we are in practice, not in theory"

DAVID EPSTEIN - Range: Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World


Curriculum Design and Technology Integration

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Anthony Sowah

Partner/Chief Development Officer

A 20 year solutions-focused IT Professional, Anthony saw a deficiency in developmental tech understanding and competence among his children and their friends and formed classes designed to spur their interest and understanding of STEAM concepts, posibilities, and applications. 


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Vienna Mbagaya

Chief Data Architect

For over a decade, Vienna Mbagaya, M.P.H. has supported public and private organizations at the international, federal, state, and community levels in the areas of COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, malaria, social behavioral health and military psychological health. Ms. Mbagaya's expertise include epidemiologic data gathering and analysis, qualitative methods and behavioral health research. Her health disparities research has examined barriers created by legislative approaches aimed at addressing public health issues. Currently, she is part of the inaugural cohort of COVID-19 pandemic responders at the DC Department of Health’s Coronavirus Contact Trace Force (CTF), where she supports Change Management & Training and Disease Surveillance projects.



Data Analytics


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Connecting ARTS to the SCIENCES

At TechByTech our goal is to leverage technology to develop the critical thinking, imagination and problem-solving skills of our students through project-based teamwork, exploration of technology concepts, and crafting of community focused sustainability solutions.

With a focus on exposing digital consumers to the development and creative sides of the technology ecosystem our goal is for our students to approach popular and emerging technology with a critical and solution-forward mindstate. 

We achieve this through exploration and melding of coding languages, popular art, music, and literature, robotics, gaming, urban-farming, and more. 

The Venue

“We ride rather than drive the innovation wave.
Technology will find its inventors, rather than vice versa.”

Ruha Benjamin

Race After Technology

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